Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What is normal?

The normalcy of life is ever-changing.  The point of this blog, The Wright Route, is just to share periodically things that are working (or making didn't work) for us as the Wright Family.  I have enjoyed the "wright" name since we started dating.  I would answer people that asked, "yes, I am dating Mr. Wright!"  Oh and then I married Mr. Wright and I became Wright!  Life has been constantly strengthening our faith of God's plan for our lives.  We tried to have babies right after getting married.  We weren't able after 2 years of fertility treatments and almost 9 months to the day that we were told we were probably not going to get pregnant, our family of 2 became a family of 3 through adoption.  Brooke Ashlynn came into our world less than 24 hours old.  Fast forward just 15 months and we were blessed to grow once again through adoption as we welcomed Madilyn  Raine "Madi" to our clan.  Life as we knew it would never be the same.  We lived in a large home (2,642 sq ft) and I didn't "love" it.  It's the house that my groom had with his ex, it's the house that had two levels and lots of storage so my creative, artsy, pack rat self could store every nook and cranny with something that I would be doing in the future.  Ha!  The house didn't have much of a backyard to play in and it wasn't accessible from the main floor.  There wasn't an open floor plan so the kitchen was one room and the living room was another.  The girls actually slept in the dining room because I didn't want them on a different level and closet.  I wasn't happy with an all white wall house so we had it painted.  Mucho better but still not my fave.  Let's fast forward to now...we live in 1,200 square feet of 3 story goodness.  It's a townhouse in the Outer Banks of NC.  Because of the lay of the land in this area almost all the houses have a first floor that is susceptible to flooding.  We live on the 2nd and 3rd floors.  There is some but not a lot of storage.  We have no backyard, it's a marina.  All the walls are white.  However, it does have an open layout so the kitchen is a part of the living room and so I can cook and hang out with the family at the same time.  Yea!  We moved here because it was supposed to be a promotion for my groom.  There are a lot of things that they did not account for him being in charge of once he got here.  The depression set in almost immediately upon his arrival.  I didn't know this because I was having my own issues having to leave the area that I had lived for over 20 years....I was leaving my family.  I would be living 16 hours away for gosh sake!  Ugh!  Then when he called and said I'm on my way to the ER, we literally dropped and ran.  We left all the unfinished packing and unfinished cleaning that still had to be done!  We left at 9:30p on Monday night and arrived just after 11a on Wednesday morning.  There were literally 3 choices of rentals that I could pick from.  The first 2 literally made me cry.  (I think I scared the poor rental manager)  The 3rd was it.  It's on a marina.  There's a pool, 2 tennis courts, a fitness room, a half of a basketball court, and a volley ball court to enjoy.  There are docks encircling all the neighborhood for big and small boats to maneuver in and out into the bay.  We are just a short bridge away from the ocean.  We have discovered a lot of fun open spaces since arriving.  Because the arrival was somewhat under duress we didn't have furniture or bedding.  We ordered 2 twin beds and a king size bed however only one of the twins was in, the others had to be ordered.  Then when it was supposed to be in, only one twin was ordered so they were nice to bring us a queen bed as a replacement for one more week to wait for our luxurious king bed.  We ordered a couch that would go with the recliner that we were able to get at that time.  I'm going with the Bama motif so red was my choice.  It's beautiful, leather and comfy!  And so it goes....we are here so we are going to make the best of it!  Gotta check out the lighthouses, the Aquarium, playgrounds, local artists & farmer's market events.  We will find a wonderful church!  We will make this a joyous time in our lives....I am determined!

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