Friday, November 1, 2013

Busy Fun Week

The last week in October is always so much fun for our family!  October 29th is our first date anniversary (it was a blind date).  October 30th is our wedding anniversary.  And then we love Halloween!
Tuesday, the 29th, Steve and I said our 'I love yous' a little more than usual.  He told me how much he loved me and that he feels so blessed to have married me!  That night he brought home my surprise!  He got me these super awesome, amazing boots!  Oh, I was SO excited!  Well...then I went to try them on.  I have a bad leg so it was difficult and felt weird to get the first one on so I just figured it was the wrong boot.  So I tried the other boot.  It went on but was still awkward and painful to put on.  No worries, I'll put the other one on and it'll all work out.!  The other boot was also a right foot.  Eek!  Steve just kept saying, "no way, this did not happen, you have got to be kidding me!".  Long story, shorter...I think it's a blessing because we can return them because they made the mistake and sent two right boots.  I will not keep them because of the pain of putting them on is just not worth the beauty and the price.  :(
Wednesday, the 30th, Steve wrote me a text that said if he hadn't married me already he'd ask me again.  I answered that I would say, yes, again!  I do love that man!  -- That night we went to the aquarium for a special night of trick or treating fun.  Brooke was a black kitty cat and Madi was Ariel.  There were games set up and booths where they were handing out candy.  They had a scream contest and costume contests.  We did the scream contest....when they came to Madi she wouldn't do it.  Brooke did good but she didn't wait for him to count to 3 before she blared out her scream.  lol  It was too cute!



And then on Halloween, Brooke had Farm Day at her school, then we had Fish Bites practice and then we headed downtown.  A church in the area puts on a carnival with games, food, balloons, face painting, and a bouncey house every year.  It was packed and FUN!