Thursday, October 17, 2013

Monday Miracles 10-14-13

Miracles happen around us all the time.  I have two little miracles that bless me with their presence everyday!  I feel like a miracle has happened when I find a front row parking spot or if something falls but it doesn't break.  I, also, see the little miracles that occur in not so pleasant situations.  Our move here to North Carolina was a bit shaky.  Miraculously we found a pretty cool place to live (we only had 4 choices).  We have met some wonderful people and have become a part of some wonderful events.  I feel like a miracle occurred when my girls were assigned their teachers.  Brooke's teacher could not have been more perfect for her personality and likewise with Madi's teacher.  Both will bring out my girls strengths and work on their weaknesses.  Yea!
And so back to the reason for this post!  I am going to point out some of the miracles in our life on Mondays.  Monday Miracles will start 9-21-13.  Some people keep a gratitude journal, I'm going to start keeping a miracle journal.

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