Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Driver's License & License Plate

Since my birthday falls in September I HAD to get my licenses taken care of this month.  The driver's license process was fairly simple.  I went by to make an appointment.  They said they didn't take appointments, gave me a book to read and a sheet that had the list of things I would need to bring with me.  I was to bring in my Florida Driver's License, a current bill from my local address, my Social Security card and my insurance card.  When they had called, and I had just sat down, the guy behind me had just failed the test....again.  The only reason I know that it was again is that he stated that the previous test that he failed was different.  She explained that there are three variations so that memorization isn't one of the "tactics" of passing the tests.  I passed, yea!!  However, I didn't remember that the Railroad sign was round.  There weren't any criss crosses or RR written on it just a blank circle that I was to name as the Railroad sign.  Obviously, a lot of people don't know that because she just told me and we moved on.  Let me add, this entire process took less than 30 minutes.  The DMV was NOT busy!  Who'd a thunk it!?  It was $35 to get my license.  I had my picture taken and I was on my way.
The license plate couldn't be ordered until my NC Driver's License came in.  The DMV for the license plate is in the back of a small hometown Pharmacy/Gift Shop combo.  1st visit:  they gave me the list of items needed - oh by the way, I had to bring my title in.  2nd visit:  title in hand - then I was given the total - ouch, had to go to the bank because they don't take plastic.  3rd visit:  cash in hand - transaction done (or so I thought)  4th visit:  can I get my title back?  now that I think about it, I should have realized that I would be getting a NC title for my van but it didn't occur to me that they would keep my Florida one for good.  Anywho, the ladies were very nice and all is ordered.  The temporary plate is on and my personalized one will be in the mail in the next 4-6 weeks.  It was $360 to get the license plate for my van.  That included the State Tax that could be itemized on our taxes next year.  It's was $30 extra to get the personalized plate - I figured it was worth it so that everyone knows that I am 1-2SMILE.  :)
And so it goes, another step closer to being officially a North Carolinian!

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